Welcome to The Suburban Forager!

Christopher J. Church – The Suburban Forager
Photo by Jonathan Church

Welcome, and thank you for visiting The Suburban Forager.  My name is Chris Church, and I am an Internet celebrity! Ok, so maybe not a celebrity (darn!). I mean, isn’t everyone on the Internet a celebrity? Sure seems like it…

Alas, you may be the only reader, but I certainly hope not.

What is The Suburban Forager?  More importantly, what is “foraging” in a modern context?  Well… I’ll tell you.

In my mind, foraging is the art of finding cool new things, curating them and then sharing the experience.  Its a hobby with many benefits.  For me, stress, anxiety, frustration and negative vibes all remain at bay when I’m foraging, and when I’m writing about it.

The Suburban Forager is all about sharing the experience.  To me, foraging consists not only of finding things, but enjoying (or not) and then sharing what you learned.  What do I forage?  Well… farm to table ingredients like fresh dairy, fresh vegetables, awesome meats. I also write about great cigars, excellent spirits, good friends, work-life balance, gardening… well, you get the idea. Just about anything I’m interested in and/or passionate about makes the topics list.  Why suburban?  Because I live in a small beach town on Florida’s Treasure Coast (just north of the South Florida metroplex). My home is neither an urban nor rural, hence we’re “suburban”.  Does that make sense?

So, if you enjoy what you read here… share liberally!  If you don’t enjoy it… well, I guess don’t!

Many thanks,

Chris Church
The Suburban Forager