Yo-Yo Ma Rocks! Or… Strings!

I’ve recently rediscovered my love of music. I’m listening to all kinds of stuff… bluegrass (Bill Monroe), independent/alt country (Robert Earl Keen), Canadian folk music (David Francey and Eileen Laverty) and a bunch more.

One of my favorite performers is Yo-Yo Ma. He is truly a world class artist. And prolific! Today, I’m listening to “Yo-Yo Ma Plays Ennio Morricone“. What a great album (are they even called this anymore?) If you’re not familiar with Ennio Morricone, people say he is the world’s most prolific writer of film scores – 60 years in music.

Photo Courtesy of Strings Magazine

Ma is a true master of the cello, one of my favorite instruments. I wish I were a musician. In grade school, I chose percussion for band, as it had the advantage of not having to read pitch/notes in sheet music. Yes, this was lazy of me, and yes, I wish I hadn’t done it, but that’s all history now. Sure wish I’d chosen strings. The cello in particular is a dynamic, powerful, wistful, soulful instrument.

I’ve not only heard and loved this album forever, it has songs from many great movies, including The Mission, Cinema Paradiso, Malena, and more. These songs are powerful, sad, (big word alert) celebratory and more. Whether you’re a Ma fan, a Morricone fan, or not, this music is worth listening to.

We can all use a little more art in our lives. Enjoy!


Chris Church
The Suburban Forager