Foraging For… Mushrooms!?

Foraging For Kissimmee River Oyster Mushrooms

While foraging at Country Club Produce in Stuart this past weekend, I ran into an unusual item, a “MYco Garden“. What is that, you say? Well, I’ll tell you!

Meet Leah and Joel from Kissimmee River Mushrooms. They have a very innovative product, called the MYco Garden. Family owned and operated, Kissimmee River Mushrooms has a neat package from which you can grow your own Oyster Mushrooms. Leah insists the kit is “Suburban Forager” friendly (i.e. “you can’t really screw it up”); it’s practically foolproof.

The kit is a plastic bag (medium and large sizes available) with a growing medium and Oyster Mushroom spores in it. To grow, you a) cut a 3 inch “X” in the side of the bag, set your garden in your shadiest outside area in a bowl or tray with about an inch of water in it, and c) cover the whole shebang with a plastic grocery bag. After a week to ten days, I should have a “flight” of mushrooms ready to harvest. Just twist them off the bag and into your farm-to-table (maybe “backyard-to-table”) dishes.

Once the bag sits for about a week, you should notice beautiful, homegrown Oyster Mushrooms! The variant I got is “gray”, or maybe “blue”. I’m not sure, but I’m sure I can’t wait.

Since “foraging” is a term originally used for hunting mushrooms, I’m delighted to give this a try. Joel says the kit should “bloom” three times. Once you harvest, you just cut another “X”, wait another week, and rinse and repeat. The kit should bloom mushrooms three times. At $15 for the small kit, with three crops, this puts the ‘shrooms at about what they would cost at the grocery store (minus the DIY and the freshness).

I’ll keep you posted on my mushroom “foraging” as the kit develops. Until then, check out the Kissimmee River Mushroom webpage. You’ll enjoy it.