Taco Tuesday! (Well, Really Taco Sunday, But You Get the Drift)…

OK, I lied… its not Taco Tuesday, but that sounds better than Taco Sunday, doesn’t it?

While foraging today I realized I missed breakfast, and at lunchtime I was powerful hungry. What to do, methinks? Then it hit me… piping hot, fresh tacos!

For many years, my family and I have frequented the red taco truck in Golden Gate. Now, Golden Gate is usually a place I drive through, not to… but when I have a hankering for fresh, handmade tacos, its Golden Gate and the red taco truck. Its officially called The Taco Truck of Stuart. The truck is a permanent fixture at 3511 SE Dixie Highway south of Stuart in the Golden Gate neighborhood, but really, everyone calls it “The Red Taco Truck”.

Bienvenidos a the Taco Truck of Stuart, FL. We are located off the coast near Witham Field. We carry the best of Mexico in a food truck! From Taco’s and Burrito’s to Chimichangas and Tortas. You can buy single Tamales or bundle them in 5’s or 10’s. We are well known in the area and our reviews show that! Come find out what the hype is about! Order Now!

Taco Truck of Stuart, AKA “The Red Taco Truck”

So what’s so special about these tacos? I’ll tell you… first, the little bodega next to the truck is a great little store for all things Latin. And, next to the store is Tortilleria Gallo del Oro (GUY-oh del OH-ro), the local taco “factory”. Factory as in they have “La Machina”, a twenty-foot long stainless steel machine. Put a big ball of masa (like 30 inches around) in one end, and out the other end come perfectly formed, beautifully toasted corn tortillas. And they’re cheap! For about $2 a pound (which is something like twenty five tortillas) you can get these delicious tortillas hot, fresh out of La Machina. I’ve seen Gallo del Oro taco wrappers at several of the local Mexican restaurants and taco trucks in the area.

But I digress… the fresh Gallo del Oro tortillas are only one tiny part of the tasty dream that is a taco from the red taco truck. For less than two bucks, you can choose from fresh asada (grilled steak), carnitas (pork marinated with pineapple juice), barbacoa (pulled pork with Mexican barbecue sauce), pollo (grilled chicken), chorizo (Mexican spicy sausage), tripa (tripe), lengua (cow’s tongue) and many combinations. The tripa and lengua aren’t for me… my son says they’re deliciosa, but I can’t get past the “organ meat” aversion I’ve had since I was pushed to each organs as a child. Not fun memories.

Fresh Tacos and Tamale from The Red Taco Truck

Anyway, the tacos start with a fresh corn tortilla from La Machina. Meats are prepared on a flat top grill, cebolla (onions) are sauteed with the meat, an abundance of fresh cilantro, some limes and fresh, housemade salsa verde. That’s it! Served in a styrofoam clamshell (I know, not very sustainable, but functional) with a few house-fried chips. If you ask, you can also get a roasted jalapeno or two (ask nicely, please!).

Now, eat under the shady awning at the stainless counter of this food truck, or take them to go. The tacos are savory goodness! Of course, tacos are not the only thing on the menu, but are my favorite. And for $1.75 each I can eat three for under six bucks. Oh, and some days you can buy fresh housemade

If you’re looking for an authentic Mexican taco, hit the Red Taco Truck. For two of you you MIGHT spend $12, and I guarantee you won’t find a better taco anywhere near Stuart.

Enjoy, and always happy to hear of your food, love, and life travels and travails. Feel free to comment below!

Chris Church
The Suburban Forager