Connecting With Nature… One Fish at a Time!

Pacific Sailfish – Flamingo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Photo by Chris Church

Found an interesting blog today, Heather’s Real Life. Excellent post on quiet pastimes, or more succinctly, connecting with nature through fishing.

I have always been drawn to the water, and have never lived very far from a babbling brook (as a kid, on our farm in New Jersey), roaring river, lovely lake (Lake Champlain in Vermont comes to mind), the ocean (Maine), or the beach (Hobe Sound, Florida). In my younger days, I was an avid fisherman. In particular, a fly fisherman.

As a boy, I learned to fly fish in the woods and streams of Cushing, in Midcoast Maine. My amazing next door neighbor and mentor, Paul Wiegleb, was a commercial lobster fisherman (I baited traps for him a few summers), so he was outdoors on the ocean nearly every day. But when he had time, he would hunt and fish in the areas right near our house. With hundreds of acres of forest, coastline, ponds and brooks he always changed scenery when we fished or hunted (that, almost always unsuccessfully!).

Fishing is a great pastime for helping one connect with nature, and can be an intimate family outing if you are inclined. Although I have all manner of fancy gear for this, truly one can fish most places with a $19 rod and reel from your local fishing supply, and a fishing license (if you even need one) is very inexpensive, with proceeds generally going to conservation in the jurisdiction issued from. Make sure you get a fishing license if you need one – the fines for fishing without one are way more expensive than the license!

For me, water always had a soothing, calming influence on me. Whether I’m in the pool (we’re in Florida, you have to have a pool by law – grin), on a babbling stream or brook in Colorado, fishing off a friend’s boat in the Florida Keys or offshore, I always feel rejuvenated.

So get outside today for a little slice of nature. You’ll feel better.


Chris Church
The Suburban Forager