Don’t Blink… Instead, Blinkist!

Lately, I’ve been enjoying an online reading service called The Blinkist. The Blinkist is a subscription service that summarizes books into “blinks” (I believe they have over 2,500 books summarized, and add almost 50 each month). “Blinks” are ten to fifteen minute written and audio summaries of non-fiction books. The titles I’ve read so far are on management, leadership, mindfulness and work-life balance.

For what it provides, I think The Blinkist is a great deal. Here’s a referral code if you’d like to try it… 7 day free trial, and then about 80 bucks a year.

What others say about The Blinkist, from an extensive review:

You can get the key ideas from bestselling nonfiction distilled by experts into bite size text and audio. How? The Blinkist team reads books, takes out the key points, and explains them to the reader/listener in an easy-to-understand, 15-minute book summary.

Fifteen minute reads are ideal for me, I don’t have the patience are rarely take the time to read a longer book (ADD much?). Well worth the free trial, and IHMO the annual subscription cost.


Chris Church
The Suburban Forager

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