Friday Tips & Tricks… “Hey, You Got an Attitude?”

Years ago, when managing a team of Motorolans and my own personnel, I got into the habit of sharing little tips and tricks on Fridays. I’ve done them off and on depending on the job and team for twenty years or so. “Friday Tips & Tricks” have carried over to my new job. Some people love them, some ignore them, but I always feel good about sharing something that might help someone in life, love, or work.

I’m going to bring my Friday e-mails to The Suburban Forager blog. So, my first installment here is on attitude… as always, my opinions are my own and not my family’s, my dog’s, my employer’s or anyone elses. And, as I always say… my opinions have a moneyback guarantee. I’ll give you back exactly what you paid for them…

So, today’s Tips & Tricks is about attitude. Read on…

Hello Team,

Today as we all look forward to the coming weekend (yay!) I’d like us to take a moment and think about attitude.

One of the few things we completely control in our work and private lives is our attitude.  While it may not always feel like it, and despite things that happen to us versus things we make happen for ourselves, our attitudes have a lot to do with how productive we are, how well adjusted we are, and ultimately whether we’re living a happy and fulfilling life.  Just like thinking of a glass half full or half empty, if we have a negative attitude on something, bad outcomes are MUCH more likely to prevail.

Here’s a famous quote I Iove about attitude.  As said by Winston Churchill:

Attitude is often the single most important factor in our achieving happiness in our work and personal lives.  How we see work – the world – is greatly impacted by our attitudes.  Like a pair of glasses, I think Attitude is a lens through which we see our lives.  I’ve had the opportunity to work with people and even full teams with both good and bad attitudes.  A good attitude can go a long way to helping us get good outcomes.  A bad attitude… well, you get the drift.

I’m not implying we have bad attitudes here at {company name here}… in fact, I’m impressed with the can-do attitude I see here.  I think it is a strong part of our company culture.  Sure, everyone has a bad day, or may not have the most positive attitude on everything, all the time, but aspiring to achieve the goal of having a positive mental attitude and supporting change are two things we can all do.

So, my attitude is… thanks for having me, and have a great weekend!

Attitude is kind of like an extra muscle in our daily lives. To develop it, we have to exercise it. Make a great attitude stronger and stronger every day. Sure, you’ll have bad days, or parts of them, but looking at that glass as half full, seeking happiness and harmony, and banishing the bad karma of a bad attitude makes all of us better people. You may be surprised at how your good attitude spills over to others. I know it does for me!

Enjoy! And let me know what you think of these little missives in comments below. Thanks!

Chris Church
The Suburban Forager