Take Me to the “River”…

Those of you who know me know I can be moody. I know, I know… but hey, get over it! But seriously, I often pair my moods with mood-appropriate music. Today is one of those days.

So, I’m in a little bit of a funk today, feeling a bit lonely. And, when I feel like this, I like to listen to a variety of music. Sometimes its uplifting, sometimes melancholy. Today, the artist of the day is Josh Groban. Groban is a true musical treasure – a child prodigy – and someone who has had his own troubles with depression and feeling inadequate. I can relate.

Groban’s latest album (they’re still called that, right?) is Bridges: Live at Madison Garden. Great album. And I had tickets for that tour in Boston when I was up in Lawrence, Mass. for a month for the gas pipeline disaster last Fall. Missed the concert because I couldn’t find anyone to go with me. What a mistake, Mr. Chickenshit! Actually, I was so drained from the deployment – almost 30 12-hour days with hardly a break – that I couldn’t muster the energy to drive down to Boston, and drive back at midnight.

But I digress… this afternoon, Groban’s song “River” was on my mind. You know, bouncing around in all that empty space (grin). In listening, I realized River is the PERFECT song for today. Here are the lyrics for the first few stanzas…

Some days I can’t say why I’m feeling lonely

Some days I am too proud to ask for help

And I stumble through the noise

Trying to find some peace

A stranger in the crowd, I lose myself

So, I walk down to the river

Where the troubles, they can’t find me

Let the waters there remind me

The sun will be there when we wake

I walk down to the river

Though I might not understand it

It’s not always as we planned it

But we grow stronger when we break

So, I walk down to the river

I walk down to the river

Anyway, Josh Groban is awesome, and if you’ve never heard “River”, you can watch and listen to it free here… let me know in Comments if you liked it.


Chris Church
The Suburban Forager