“Run {Harry}, Run!”

Its a rare thing for me to stay up to date with friends for over 20 years. Harry Pierson, formerly of Microsoft and now of Neo Global Development – Seattle is one of those people. Harry and I met when he worked for the Microsoft “field” organization in .NET Framework evangelism (thank you Harry and Microsoft for all that Shan aplatform-switching money!) before he became a critical link in Microsoft’s IT then cross-platform, OS- and devtool-agnostic strategy.

Harry specializes in software architecture and cross-language developer tools and developer experience and a WHOLE BUNCH of tech stuff I barely understand.

I’m so happy for Harry. He’s just spent his first week with the Chinese company Neo, which is often referred to as the “Chinese Ethereum“. Both Neo and Ethereum are blockchain providers/platforms. Don’t know what Neo, Ethereum, or blockchain is? Well, join the crowd! (Well, I’ve been learning) Harry is destined for {more!} great things, and I’m sure is an awesome addition to the global Neo team!

Anyway, as the blockchain platform wars heat up, Harry is serving as Chief Platform Architect for the Seattle (that is “North American”) office of Neo Global Development. And, from our previous professional collaborations, I know Harry is AWESOME at tool-agnostics, language abstractions and developer tools. After 24 years at Microsoft, Neo lured him away. Now, he will collaborate with his old boss and longtime friend John deVadoss. Never met John, but from the articles and the interviews I’ve seen he seems cool.

Many years ago, before blogging was, well… Blogging, Harry authored a popular developer blog called “DevHawk“. He’s recently dusted off DevHawk and has started blogging again after many years. I wonder (I’ve never asked) whether falling away from blogging was Microsoft-induced (Apple-induced pressure caused me to stop blogging – as in “you can easily get fired for blogging at Apple). Maybe not, I’m just glad he’s taking it up again. I think Harry will quickly establish himself as a technical expert in blockchain, Neo, and the Neo developer experience.

Harry and I have always wanted to work with each other again. It was cool having him be our “link” to the .NET development effort and evangelism team. Even got him up to Canada (at least once… maybe twice?” Hey, maybe we’ll get closer to that with his Neo gig! I can always hope… and I DO LOVE the Pacific Northwest! Maybe I could work remotely and make a monthly trip to the PacNW and see some of my old Boeing friends. That would be fun!


Chris Church
The Suburban Forager