Palm City Farms Produce & Market and House of Hope – Giving Back to the Community

Its always nice to see our local small businesses engage with the community, particularly underserved or marginalized populations. Palm City Farms Produce & Market is aligned with House of Hope (Helping Others Progress through Empowerment). House of Hope is a non-profit service organization that has been helping folks in Martin County for over 35 years. Their mission is to reduce (eliminate!) hunger in our community.

We should all be locavores! Buy local, support your local farmers.

I loved seeing this piece that highlights the House of Hope production farming operation at the corner of Citrus Boulevard and SR-714 in western Palm City. They have a 2,700 square foot greenhouse with “aeroponic” feeding and watering system that supports some 4,000 plants.

Palm City Farms is a great little farm stand… I’ve written about it before. I love the variety, the quality, and the price! I don’t get out to Palm City much these days, but when I do I always stop by, or make a quick trip out on a Saturday or Sunday. Its always worth the drive. Didn’t realize there’s a working production farm on the same property, or about the House of Hope affiliation.

Its always good to source our foods locally (we should all be practicing locavores; its easy, and to support our local small businesses, especially in agribusiness. Even better when we can support a local cause like House of Hope. Give them a try, and give back to your community!

Cheers, and happy foraging!

Chris Church
The Suburban Forager